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Vios Challenge one-make race in Malaysia launched

Pros, novices and celebrities will race RM90k Vios as part of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival.

Earlier today UMW Toyota Sdn. Bhd. (UMWT) launched the Vios one-make-race, or officially called the Vios Challenge and part of the Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Festival. Credit to UMWT for successfully keeping this on the down low, with no word of it until rumours started to surface just a few weeks ago. It was then confirmed by UMWT President, Mr Ravindran Kurusamy at a closed media event recently.

There has been no shortage of support for this one-make-race, mainly because of the success our friends in Thailand (and Philippines) have enjoyed. But with the current economic climate, it takes brave decision-making from the people in UMWT, so again, this is awesome.

In the larger scheme of things, The TGR Festival will be a carnival-like weekend of entertainment, games and food with the Vios Challenge part of the main draw. The latter will be held at specially-designed street circuits in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor. The first event is scheduled in August.

The Vios Challenge will see a field of 30 drives in identical RM90,000 race-prepped Vios J – not road-legal, mind you. These are the real deal one-make race cars built by Wing Hin motorsports with supervision from the guys at TRD Japan.

Participants of the Vios Challenge will include seasoned racers, although this does not ideally represent what one-make racing is. For that, novices will be racing too and they will first have to attend a racing school to be held in May.

Also competing in the Challenge are eight celebrities. Of course. Street course racing and celebrities ties up the festival feel that UMW Toyota is gunning for. They too will have to attend racing school first. The RM90,000 car includes training, tyres and racing equipment/gear.

Sponsors for the Vios Challenge include Toyo tyres, Denso Malaysia, TRD Japan, Enkei Malaysia, Moty’s Hyper Lubricant Technology, Drive M7 Energy Drinks and Toyota Capital Services.