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Toyota Gazoo Racing Brings Vios Race to Malaysia

The Toyota Vios Challenge one make race, scheduled to be held this August with the championship stretching through to the first quarter of 2018, will be the feature event at the upcoming Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Racing Festival.

The race will see a field of 30 drivers in identical race-prepared Toyota Vios, competing for top honours and the grand championship prize over a series of four events run on specially-created street circuits in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

Eight A-list local celebrities – Danny Koo, Geraldine Gan, Venice Min, Shawn Lee, Diana Danielle, Shukri Yahaya, Fattah Amin and Janna Nick – will also be making their debut in the series.

The launch of the Vios Challenge heralds the arrival of Toyota Gazoo Racing in Malaysia having successfully established itself in motorsports, particularly with the World Rally Championship (WRC) where it scored its maiden win in Sweden and has constantly chalked championship points in debut season.

The Vios Challenge in Malaysia is developed along similar lines to the Toyota One Make Race established in Thailand and Philippines.

Anyone who holds a national racing licence issued by AAM is eligible to enter the race, and only need to purchase a Vios Challenge racing car.

Individuals and teams who purchase the Vios Challenge racing cars will receive a race package which includes TRD performance parts, safety equipment, tyres and various other racing gear.

The base car is the Vios 1.5J MT which will be fitted with TRD aerodynamic kit, TRD exhaust system, TRD clutch system and LSD, TRD suspension system, TRD brake pads, TRD tower bar and lower brace bars, roll cage, Enkei rims and Toyo tyres.

Toyota said the care car produces about 10% more power than the stock standard model, and it didn’t consider giving it more power as it didn’t want to alter the dynamics of the Vios too drastically.

“By adding more power, we will then need to beef up other elements and this will be a never-ending exercise so it is better to maintain a formula where the car is fun to drive yet provides good spectator value,” it said.

The race car is priced at RM90,000 which includes all parts, engineering and testing, one set of FIA-approved racing suit and six sessions of racing school training for novice drivers.

Race management and car modifications for the Vios Challenge will be handled by Wing Hin Motorsports under supervision by TRD Japan.

The regulations, drivers and race management are all subjected to strict FIA rules and run under the scrutiny of AAM.

All novice racers, including the celebrities, will need to qualify in a racing school conducted in May with instructors and race engineers from TRD Japan in attendance.

Besides watching the race and enjoying a carnival-like weekend of entertainment, games, food and other fun activities, visitors to the TGR Racing Festival will also be able to get more information on latest Toyota models and go for test drives.